Reasons To Take Your Family To A Cirque Show Around The Holidays

Posted on: 17 September 2019


Are you looking for fun things to do with your family to celebrate the holiday season? Visiting holiday markets, going caroling, and making snowmen are always fun activities, but perhaps you're looking for something different and more unique. Attending a cirque show could be the perfect choice! Here are a few reasons why taking your family to a cirque show around the holidays is a great idea.

The experience will feel magical.

When you were young, do you remember holidays feeling magical? That feeling tends to fade as you get older, even though you wish it would return. With all of the lights, amazing performers, and good music, a cirque show can evoke that same magical feeling, even in adults. This will restore that dreamy feeling you used to get around the holidays, making the whole season more special for everyone.

You'll have something to talk about.

The holiday season can sometimes be awkward for families if you all feel like you have nothing new to share or discuss. If you all attend a cirque show, this will give you something fun and imaginative to recall at subsequent family gatherings. You can recall your favorite parts of the show together, talk about the feats you found most amazing, and scroll through photos to reminisce. Each year around the holidays, you can recall these memories again and again, which could be a unifying theme for you and your family members.

Your favorite songs may come up.

Most cirque performers have a special holiday routine that they perform around the holidays. They incorporate popular holiday tunes. As such, this is a good chance for you and your loved ones to hear your favorite holiday songs in a whole new way. Each time you hear those songs, going forward, you will recall the magic you saw on stage.

It appeals to young and old.

It's not easy to find activities that the adults will enjoy as much as the kids, especially around the holidays. Cirque shows are completely appropriate for kids, and yet adults will enjoy them just as much. Neither age group will be sacrificing anything by coming, so hopefully your whole family can attend.

Doing things around the holidays as a family can help you grow closer together. Consider buying tickets for a cirque show, such as Holiday Dreams, and inviting all of your family members. This will be an experience everyone enjoys and remembers for years to come.