3 Tips For Getting A Professional Musician Or Singer To Perform At Your Birthday Party

Posted on: 11 November 2016


Do you or someone you love have a big birthday party coming up? Whether someone is turning, 21, 30, or 60, milestone birthdays often deserve a little extra excitement. One way you could achieve this would be to hire some high-end birthday party entertainment that you normally wouldn't spring for, like hiring a famous singer or musician to entertain your guests. If you're not sure how to go about contacting someone like that though, this guide can help. Here are three tips for getting a professional or famous singer to perform at your birthday party.

Understand What Is Obtainable

You need to set expectations before you begin. Chances are Britney Spears or Madonna is not going to agree to sing at your birthday party. But there are plenty of artists out there who do like to moonlight on the side for a little extra income. Typically speaking, an artist who is perhaps still popular but many years removed from having a song at the top of the charts would be the ideal candidate, as this artist might use private parties like yours to boost their income. If you really think you can land a major current star, then go for it, but you may have greater success if you keep your expectations in check.

Find a Reputable Booking Agent

Musical artists and other similar professional performers often use a talent or booking agency to help them find their next gig. Reach out to an agency and see if you can get a list of available talent. Even if they don't have the person you want, they might refer you to the agency that represents the star you'd like to have. Make sure you are prepared to give full details on the event, including the location, number of total guests, the expected amount of time, and so on.

Ask Your Guests to Help Chip In

If the cost of hiring the professional entertainer is what is holding you back, let your guests know that you are trying to bring in a famous star for the event. It may be possible if it's a large party to just get everyone to pay $5 at the door, which will help offset or even completely take care of the entertainer's fee.

If you've always dreamed of having a famous entertainer sing or perform at your party, it might be easier to accomplish than you would think. Many singers who have had success but are no longer on the very top of the charts are willing to perform at private parties in exchange for a little extra cash. Just keep your expectations in check and be forthcoming when talking to the booking agent like Characters for Hire, LLC about what it is you want and how much you can afford to pay.